Welcome to the website of Meltzer & Bell, P.A., DUI & Criminal Trial Lawyers, “The Traffic Stop”, a Florida Law Firm defending your rights in ALL traffic violation cases.  Our attorneys are comprised of former prosecutors and a former lead felony public defender whom have handled thousands of cases just like yours.  Let our combined over 30 years of courtroom experience work for you!

As Traffic Criminal Defense lawyers, we deal with a wide array of serious allegations and traffic matters.  We pay close attention to the individual attention that we give our clients. We are always available to take calls in our client’s time of need and always there as an advocate to make sure their voice is heard.  We make a conscious choice to give our clients the same individual attention that each of your deserve.

As YOUR attorney, we will always be there to answer your questions and fight for your rights in court.  We have handled thousands of cases just like yours and we personally review every case before it goes to court to make sure that any individual comments or requests you may have are addressed.  Does this mean that all of your cases will be dismissed?  No.  But what it does mean is that we care about our clients and will promise to do the very best job we can.  Our firm is a full service law firm defending all traffic violations, misdemeanors and felonies.  Let our law firm give you the individual attention that you deserve.


  • NO POINTS ON YOUR RECORD (in most cases)
  • AVOID TIME IN COURT (in most cases)
  • NO DRIVING SCHOOL (in most cases)

The red and blue lights of a police car are blaring behind you. You pull over while wondering how fast you were actually going, confused and concerned. You are not alone; around 100,000 other Americans are experiencing the same thing every day. The good news is that there is help out to assist a person in your exact situation. The Traffic Ticket and Criminal Defense Attorneys at Meltzer & Bell, P.A., DUI & Criminal Trial Lawyers, “The Traffic Stop” wants to help you fight your Florida Traffic Ticket.

How We Can Help:

  1. Keep points off your driving record. (in most cases)
  2. Increased Car Insurance Rate Prevention.
  3. Save You from spending your valuable time in Traffic Court. (in most cases)

1. Keep points off your driving record (in most cases)– A traffic ticket comes with more than just a hefty fine; it also comes with points assessed to your driving record. With the help of an experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney, you can potentially avoid the points and have a seasoned professional helping to fight for your rights. The following point designations are according to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Speeding tickets:
Less than 15 mph over the limit- 3 points
More than 15 mph over the limit- 4 points
Speeding resulting in a crash- 6 points
Other Moving Violations:
All other moving violations unless specified below (except HOV violations) – 3 points
Moving violation resulting in a crash- 4 points
Failing to stop at a traffic signal- 4 points
Passing a stopped school bus- 4 points
Reckless driving- 4 points
Leaving the scene of crash resulting in property damage more than $50- 6 points
Improper lane change- 3 points
Violation of traffic control sign/device- 4 points
Open container as an operator of vehicle- 3 points
Child restraint violation- 3 points
Littering- 3 points

2. Increased Car Insurance Rates Prevention– Points against your Florida driver’s license will most likely cause your insurance rates to increase. On average the increase in insurance costs for one speeding ticket over the course of three years is $900.00! While traffic school may seem like a viable option, you are allotted a limited number of these point-negating courses (once every 12 months and 5 times in a lifetime). They also take up a lot of valuable time and are an additional expense that may be prevented altogether. Hire an experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney who will fight for your rights and make a qualified effort on your behalf to get your traffic ticket dismissed, your points eliminated, and negate the need for you to go to traffic school.

3. Save You from spending your valuable time in Traffic Court (in most cases) – If you decide that you want to fight your ticket but don’t have the time to appear in court, you can hire a Palm Beach County Ticket Attorney to defend you. The professionals at Meltzer & Bell, P.A., DUI & Criminal Trial Lawyers, “The Traffic Stop”, will give you the best chance of having your case dismissed and preventing points on your driving record.

Why should you hire Meltzer & Bell, P.A. to fight your Palm Beach County speeding or traffic ticket infraction?
Meltzer & Bell, P.A., DUI & Criminal Trial Lawyers, “The Traffic Stop”, have handled thousands over cases just like yours.  They will personally review your case, give you the individual attention you need, and help you solve your traffic ticket problems. The lawyers at Meltzer & Bell, P.A. prides themselves in keeping the client informed and giving their clients the best possible result.

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* Attorney fee per case for all civil traffic infractions, plus cost, if any. Accident cases, mandatory court appearance cases, and criminal cases will be higher.