Accident Cases

Accident With My CarWere you in an accident and given a citation for being at fault in the accident? Your case is probably like most accident cases where the police officer DID NOT witness your accident. What does this mean for your case? It means that this officer CANNOT prove this citation against you without bringing other witnesses to court to prove that you committed the violation that you were cited for.

So how can we help you? We know how to find out if those witnesses are in court and if not, make the appropriate motions to get your case DISMISSED! What if the witnesses are in court? Then we will question those witnesses to find out if the violation can be proven, if not, we will proceed to trial and try and have you found not guilty.

Why is it important for you to retain a lawyer in an accident case? Because unlike most moving violations, accident cases carry 4 points, rather than 3, that will be assessed to your driving record if you plead guilty or pay that ticket, so DON’T PAY THAT TICKET! Let Meltzer & Bell, P.A., DUI & Criminal Trial Lawyers, “The Traffic Stop”, try and get you the best resolution possible on these complex citations.