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October 20, 2011

Moving violation and traffic court misconceptions

I have many clients who hire me and say, "can you reset my case a bunch of times so the officer won't show up and my case will be dismissed".
October 4, 2011

Why won’t Hearing Officers admit when they are wrong?

So the moral of this post is that Traffic Hearing Officers, as well as Judges, sometimes don't want to admit when they are wrong
May 11, 2011

Trial results on a fatality case.

Sometimes there really are "accidents". Not all accidents must lead to someone being charged with a traffic violation.
April 20, 2011

Financial Responsibility Suspensions

In my opinion a financial responsibility suspension should be on that list which allows a hardship license so the person can maintain a job and start paying back the injured party.
April 18, 2011

What kind of attorney is the best attorney to have?

Some lawyers have great social skills and know how to get along with everyone from the judges to the prosecutors. They may not be the smartest lawyers but sometimes they get the best results.
April 15, 2011

Accident case with 2 fatalities

Being a lawyer means always learning and adjusting to new things as they come up in trial. I recently had a trial on an accident case where my client was charged with careless driving when she lost control of her vehicle and two of her passengers were killed in the roll over accident that ensued.
April 11, 2011

Mandatory appearance speeding cases.

we have been able to negotiate a much better resolution on these cases with some good lawyering.
April 4, 2011

Criminal cases vs. Traffic cases.

I have come to realize that many clients get better results on their tickets if they are tied to a criminal case
March 29, 2011

New life for those who have been revoked as Habitual Traffic Offenders.

If your license has been revoked for five years as a Habitual Traffic Offender there is new life out there for you and the possibility of getting your license back
March 1, 2011

Info on what equipment is required for motorcycles and mopeds.

You must always wear eye protection when riding a motorcycle no matter what insurance you have in place
February 22, 2011

When is evidence of speed inadmissible?

There are a few minimal requirements to an officer being able to enter your speed into evidence.
February 15, 2011

DMV sometimes mandates driving school for certain violations.

I already knew that this statute required persons who are convicted of certain offenses can be mandated to complete driving school but I did not know that the same statute can mandate school if the driver has been convicted of more than one accident case within a certain time frame.
February 10, 2011

Bad news for Palm Beach County red light camera tickets.

Up until yesterday, the VAST majority of red light camera cases in Palm Beach County were being dismissed for a variety of reasons based on sound legal arguments and principals.
February 9, 2011

Recent media attention for Palm Beach County traffic attorney Devon Porcella.

Here are some links to recent media attention Devon Porcella has received from being a Palm Beach County traffic attorney.
February 7, 2011

Can you get a ticket in Palm Beach County for riding in the back of a pickup truck.

It is never lawful to ride on any exterior portion of a a vehicle, specifically the bumper, radiator, fender, hood, top, trunk or running board.
February 3, 2011

Accident report privilege and how it worked in my last trial.

The "Accident Report Privilege" states that any statements obtained for the purpose of preparing an accident report are inadmissible in trial.