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October 13, 2014
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January 28, 2015
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Ding Dong the red light camera program is dead! For now at least……see the full story here in this article. There was a ruling by the 4th DCA which in short says that the company that owns the cameras in Palm Beach County is not authorized to issue violations. See the full ruling here, State v. Eric Arem.

As most of you probably now know the camera traffic program in Florida is authorized by Florida Statute 316.0083, better known as the Mark Wandell Traffic Safety Program. This new case did not invalidate this Statute only the way the Red Light tickets have been issued. I believe the program could be resurrected and this problem could be overcome but time will tell what will happen.

So, what happens with all those pending tickets that have been issued? I believe that any pending ticket will end up being dismissed in court if you enter a not guilty plea and request a court hearing and make the appropriate motions to dismiss. You should hire an experienced ticket attorney to take care of this for you. you can find out more about my firm at or call us at 561-989-9999.

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