I have written about it before but it needs to be repeated. Never pay a driving on a suspended license ticket, Florida Statute 322.34. If you do this you could be categorized as a habitual traffic offender and your license could be suspended for 5 years. I have had two clients call me in the last week about just this situation. The odd thing is that it is happening from tickets that were paid 5-10 years ago. The DMV is auditing old records and imposing habitual suspensions from tickets paid years ago but never reported to them.

What causes habitualization? If you get 3 convictions for driving on a suspended license within a 5 year period the DMV will suspend your license for 5 years.

Can this be prevented? Absolutely! Hire an experienced ticket attorney who knows how to prevent such a suspension. You can reach us at 561-989-9999 or find us on the web at www.dontpaythatticket.com.

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